[If You've Only Got...]
3 Minutes, 32 Seconds

"You make up these excuses and hope no one will see that the biggest liar in the room is you."

"If You've Only Got" is a feature here on Both Sides showcasing one song, one artist. Whether you have all day to listen to it or just enough time to play it once, an If You've Only Got song is gonna be well worth that time. It could be something from way back or something entirely new to you, but ultimately it's just something I really feel like sharing...

Sometimes there's nothing better than some Swede, Swede love. For today's IYOG, I present Lacrosse. This Stockholm sextet's got me so enamored and captivated, I may have just fallen for them at a level befitting of the syndrome that carries their city name. To my surprise, Lacrosse, for the most part, has had a quiet presence on many musical radars, and to that, I can't help but wonder why. Lacrosse carry that undeniable tinge of Swedishness. Their rock is sensible, clean, and modern. I may have just described this Swedish band in terms that happen to befit an IKEA, but as a former employee of the giant blue box, I speak with no ill terms. With this IYOG, you're bound to spend much more than the 3 minutes and 59 seconds the song gives you. Even if you listen to it once, I expect that "excuses, excuses" chorus to haunt you throughout your day.

If You've Only Got Series 8 (all songs are right click -save as):
Excuses, Excuses

Get more information on Lacrosse at their site.
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