[Retrospective: BLSH @ Emo's]
The Bright Light Social Hour @ Emo's
I trust you all recognize that the drunkard is Thomas Alva Edison, Master of the Lightbulb

In a statistic that scares me, up until this rambunctious quartet saved me, I hadn't been to a concert since the bowery days of South By. On the eve of Mother's Day, the Bright Light Social Hour provided a set that could only be brought about by four crazy sons of b*tches. Because Emo's, it seems, prefers hugs over kisses, I stepped into the venue with Os on my hands rather than Xs just as the crowd slowly creeped in on the final few inches of space that lay before the stage. The lights dimmed to a hellish red glow and the furry, poncho-wearing Spanish beast that is Jack's moustache tickled the mic as a gruff voice was released from the speakers - "Hooow you all feelin' tonight?" And with that, it began.

If that night was typical of all their shows, how they left ACL Fest without more press is a wonder to me. BLSH bring about so much rocking, they've actually managed to break the barriers of man-love and collected for themselves an impressive amount of man-groupies - raucous, drunkard grown men that dance and scream in a way that rivals the typical lady groupies that they probably prefer. Actually, that's probably not true, BLSH wants any and all kinds of your lovin' - your dirty, dirty lovin'.

For a band with nothing really out, Bright Light carried a notable turnout for their last show before heading into the studio to work on their first full-length, and it's no wonder they got pressured into doing so. How they've gone around without at least one album under their belt is a mystery. BLSH live is spasmodic, crazy, but most importantly, engaging. Not a single person there was caught just standing there. In fact, the closest thing to standing that was going on was probably a downright seizure. Perhaps it was a bigger party than usual as it was their last hurrah before they have to buckle down and do some work, but BLSH definitely made an evening out of my Saturday and can expect me at their first show back once their album's released.

Curtis Roush of the Bright Light Social Hour

Jack O'Brien (and his moustache) of the Bright Light Social Hour
After years of yoga, he's finally able to do himself...

A.J. Vincent of the Bright Light Social Hour
Why yes, my friends, that is indeed a keytar...

From Bright Light Social Hour (all songs are right click - save as):
Back and Forth

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Otherwheres - I'm back! I've been released from my educational chains and hope to bring about some good, good tunage to your ears once again! Love, Brad.

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