[6 Day Riot]
"Take a look around, you'll see the flags raised again."

Monday got you down? No worries! Picking you up from the pit of a Monday is 6 Day Riot. With a member for every day of riot but one, this London quintet has seen their fair share of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days from dashed Olympic dreams to a previous band kafuffle that left one of them all alone on the eve of a tour. And all of that's just one member! As the voice of 6 Day Riot, Tamara Schlesinger proves she's made of stronger stuff. In fact, if her voice is to be believed, that stuff she's made of is sunshine and sugar. With her lush, tender voice, Schlesinger proves what's in a name; it would only be more immaculate if she were named Schlesinger-Songwriter. Add all of this to the fact that the rest of 6 Day Riot helps to produce their quirky folk-pop by taking up a list of instruments that simply ends with "whatever else we have hanging around," (yes, this includes a ukulele!) and you've got yourself some high-flying, doldrum-fighting tunes that help to slap a bit of a smile on your face. With a single out already, look for their next full-length to be released later this year!

From 6 Day Riot Have A Plan:
Go! Canada
Every Third Sunday

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