[Beach Fossils]
"It's not so worth getting all bent out of shape about."

Days are warmer. Breezes feel cooler. If you can't already feel the sand between your toes, the beach is calling your name. It's summer, and a lot of people have been soundtracking their days to hazy, lo-fi sounds. Filling my summer prescription is Beach Fossils. Coming from the musical Mecca that is Brooklyn, Beach Fossils started as the solo, pet project of Dustin Payseur. Releasing tracks steadily for months before a self-titled debut release this past May, these days Beach Fossils is a full-grown quartet pumping out sun-kissed songs of summer. The quartet carry a fleeting, blissed out sound - happiness tinged with the slightest bit of melancholy. With hazy vocals penetrating a curtain of jangly guitars and steady percussion, Beach Fossils is instantly nostalgic and this group is set to apply a lomo filter to the memories you're set to capture in polaroid or celluloid this summer...

From Beach Fossils' self-titled:

Be their friend!


Otherwheres - I had to post out of schedule, because I couldn't find my favorite sketching pencil and decided to throw a toddler tantrum about it...