[The Hoosiers]
"If we catch a criminal, when we catch a criminal, there's nothing we can do but play cops and robbers."

They might not be a small town high school basketball team from Indiana, but this London-based trio is still set on being champs. Despite reading like a serious set of lawyers, Sparkes, Skarendahl and Sharland make up an English-Swedish trio that probably doesn't spend a lot of their time on the serious side, and while this has some bloggers think a bit lesser of them for that, I point those guys back to my Rock Snob mix and remind them that sometimes it's about fun and having something you can act stupid and just have fun to. With their last full-length release being all the way back in 2007, the Hoosiers are set to share their quirky sense of pop again in August with the release of The Illusion of Safety.

From The Hoosiers' The Trick to Life:
Cops and Robbers

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