"The heart it is a beast."

Now, who is Monarchy? Good question. I may have to get back to you on that. Scribbled at the top of my little fact sheet for Monarchy are the words "duo" and "UK." That's about all I know, really. Even after a quick Google search extensive research, that's all I really know. If there's one thing journalism taught me though, it's how to squeeze the most information out of a tiny little snippet. So in regards to this group greater than one but less than the number equivable to a trio, it can be said most frankly that they call the shores of the United Kingdom, a country in the Atlantic, home. Alright, alright - in all seriousness, all I can leave you with are facts - duo, UK. Oh, right and they're awesome. Take something you can dance to and dip it in chrome. There you have Monarchy - synthy, dancey goodness.

Various songs from Monarchy (all songs are right click - save as):
The Phoenix Alive
Black, The Colour of My Heart

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Anonymous Jay said...
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