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"Should I practice what I preach, man? Should I just do what I'm told? Because the clock keeps ticking, let's hope we don't grow old."

The only thing that I thought could come out from a placed called Dundee is crocodiles, but apparently that's the wrong Dundee. No, these teenage Dundonian upstarts root themselves in Scotland and were plucked from their patch into the hazy world of British rock during their youth. Now, the hooligans continue to grow in their new patch and have already got two albums under their belt with a third slated for release sometime next year. The quartet carries a scruffy, strident sound that's gritty and quick. Shock Horror, in particular, just packs a wallop that hits me hard right in my tum-tum. From where I'm standing, the View looks good.

From The View's Which Bitch?:
Shock Horror

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Anonymous chris said...
Sorry I don't comment (ever), but I just wanted to chime in and let you know how much I appreciate the drawings you guys do for your posts. They're so damn creative... leaves me feeling inspired and jealous at the same time ;-)