"My parachute didn't open, and when my back-up failed, the pixie dust prevailed and I woke up next to you. All I wanted was to hold you."

These days, the man behind PlayRadioPlay is better known through his new guise, Analog Rebellion. The fact that this band goes by a different name these days ought to reveal how long I've left this one on my backburner. It's been back there so long, it turned into something new. Analog Rebellion, however, represents a different sound from Daniel Hunter's earlier musical days as PlayRadioPlay. The one I really want to put up on the table is PlayRadioPlay, so give me this moment to unburn toast and talk about an earlier incarnation. Hunter started PlayRadioPlay in his high school days, and may in fact now encapsulate Hunter's youth - it's young and naive compared to Hunter's current project, Analog Rebellion. PlayRadioPlay has a wistful youth that reminds you of the innocence once held for love and life. It's sweet and lighthearted music that makes for an easy listen.

From PlayRadioPlay's Texas:
Decipher Reflections from Reality
My Attendance is Bad, But My Intentions Are Good

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