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Both Sides on Side One: Track One

Be sure to head on over to to Side One: Track One today as I put in my word as a guest writer this summer!

Featured on SOTO:
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"When you live in the state of Texas, guns are pretty much a dime a dozen. Aside from the guns I pack through my shirt sleeves though (zing!), the only revolver I could ever be expected to carry around with me is purely auditory. Don’t let it be said that it still doesn’t pack a wallop though. In a very basic setup that isn’t much more than what the trio can handle themselves, Revolver, at their simplest, is a musical countdown of three guys, two guitars, and one cello, and with this, the musical messieurs produce a bevy of jangly, lively arrangements nestled in mellow, harmonized vocals...."

From Revolver's Music For A While:

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