[Farewell For Now]
Before I begin, I just have to share that while I close things here on Both Sides, my passion for music remains steadfast and I'll be providing my word and work over at Side One: Track One from here on. One of the main reasons I decided to close Both Sides was our lack of updates - it was unfair to you guys who always wanted more content. My move over to Side One: Track One is my way of providing a way to help fulfill that need. It's a great site spanning many interests and even covers film with updates every weekday, and you'll always be able to count on me showing up every other week.

I've spent four years writing for you as Brad aka Penguin here on Both Sides, and I can honestly say I've loved every bit of it. Altogether, we've gone through three site changes, three Bloggie nominations, a Blog of Note achievement and so much more all before we could even legally imbibe the pleasures of liquor. I thank you for your readership and loyalty here at Both Sides. The love I've had for you all, our readers, throughout the years remains with me because I still can't believe a scrappy youngster like me could have gained such a following here on Both Sides of the Mouth. I hope to see you over at Side One: Track One, but regardless of that, I thank you again sincerely.

It seems like so long ago that Brad and I were trying to one up each other with new songs we found or new bands we started listening to... This was before I got a cell phone. We'd literally be on AIM for hours sending each other mp3 files. And then we decided to bring y'all into the picture and make our love for music public.

I know we've let our readers down these past couple of years. I look back and Brad and I used to be so fucking PROLIFIC, it astounds me. I never thought this day would come, but alas it has, and we have to say goodbye.

Brad may still be writing for music over on One Side... Track Side... Track One... B Sides... Side A, B, but right now I don't have much of a music blog to tell y'all about. Maybe I'll get back into it later. I think a lot if it had to do with me going to Hopkins for school. The past couple years I always thought Baltimore couldn't compare to Austin when it came to the independent music scene, but I was actually very wrong. There's a significant dubstep/drum&bass scene here that I'm sorry I didn't showcase on this blog.

Anyway, I had a great time writing and drawing for Both Sides (yes... I used to draw this little girl named Ramona... and yes... I used to write quite often...) and, like Brad, I am so grateful for all the attention and recognition we got while we were still in high school.