The Loop

The first time I heard a successful loop, I was standing in The Backyard with a protective body behind me. Damien Rice was onstage performing his last song. He would play a bit, press the pedal, and the bit would play over again and again and again. While the bit played he would play another bit or sing a different bit, hit the pedal, and again the bit would play. He did this again and again until the entire venue in which I was standing was reverberating with the sounds of this loop, this steady stream of song, that seemed to echo every emotion, every thought, every passing feeling of mine. I leaned backwards into that protective body and cried with the overall beauty of the moment.

Since then I have discovered many other successful loops.  Although undoubtedly more impressive live, these loops are still enjoyable in their recorded form.

mp3 Mimicking Birds- The Loop
So aptly named. I actually saw them perform this song live at Ram's Head in Baltimore when they were opening for Modest Mouse.  It was the first time I heard the band and this song took my breath away.

mp3 CocoRosie- Noah's Ark
I originally posted on this sisterly duo four years ago. Pretty much every CocoRosie song involves heavy looping, but this is my favorite example.

mp3 The Faint- Agenda Suicide
The Faint uses looping in every song as well, but the construction of the beat is especially nicely presented in this song.

mp3 Hot Chip- Playboy
There are so many looped elements in this song, including the despondently sung chorus, it makes the perfect example of successful looping.

mp3 Ratatat- Lex
Coming to Austin, Monday, September 27, Ratatat is one of my favorite bands of all time and Lex is one of my favorite Ratatat songs of all time.

mp3 Tupac Shakur- Fucked Up (Hurricane Mix feat. Thom Yorke)
Such a great mash-up.  Looped beat, looped riff, looped Radiohead lead singer backing up the best rapper of all time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Juana Molina and Zoe Keating both use the "live" loop in masterful ways.

Anonymous Kat said...
I was at the RATATAT show.. It was amazing.