[BSOTM: And The Winner Is...] + Bandwidth
Ah, well it's been how many weeks now since we started our first ever contest here at Both Sides, so it's time to bring that to a close. It's pretty much a quickie announcement - congratulations to Kip Gasparick! We will be sending off your copy of Spoon's Telephono/Soft Effects album sometime next week - hope you enjoy it! Didn't win? I'm sorry, but it was a hard random decision for Alina to make, I'm sure. To make you feel all better though, I still left up those Devil's Dishes rarities up for download. Have those too? Well then I guess we'll just have to grace you kids with another contest sometime very soon! What, what, what to offer next time though, hrm....

Otherwheres - Our bandwidth is getting tight so to help manage all that, we're just gonna go ahead and clear our archives up to this month. Scrummage everything you want, because come Sunday (or however long it takes us), anything that isn't published in August will no longer have the files. MIXES WILL REMAIN INTACT (because they're fun and those suckas are hard to make) and anything that's linked from an artist site will, of course, stay up until they decide to put those down.

Have a great weekend!
Blogger Kip! said...
My prize still hasn't arrived, but I'm patiently waiting by the mailbox! Thanks again!!