[BSOTM: Telephono/Soft Effects Contest]
Ah, Alina and I were planning on holding the announcement of this contest till our first 1,ooo readers, and we thought that would hold in conjunction with the first of August. Well, it is now the first of August and we've had well over 1,ooo visitors - and since I started the counter rather late it's prolly around 2,ooo if I'm not being too bold - so thanks for reading! To show this gratitude, the two of us here at Both Sides of the Mouth are holding our very first contest! So what are you gonna plunder from us you ask - hows about a copy of Spoon's re-released Telephono/Soft Effects album (and perhaps some other schwag)? Did you say yes? Good, cause that's precisely what we're offering. Just drop us an email with your mailing address and the subject "BSOTM Contest" and you'll be entered into our drawing - piece of cake, simple as pie, just like that. Now I'm always a bit ticked off to hear that something's only offered to US residents, and think - well that's a bit unfair. So to our international readers, you'll be happy to know that this contest is open to anyone, anywhere. Good luck to all who decide to enter, which should be everyone since it's a rather simple concept, and again, thanks for reading!

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Now I don't want to leave everyone else hanging, so I'm going to include in this post an added treat - five more tracks from the Devil's Dishes Rarities disc. I shared with you three other tracks from the disc in another post, and you can just pick those up here.

Various Songs From Spoon's Devil's Dishes Rarities (All Songs Are Right Click - Save As):
Cool It You Need To Relax
Rainy Taxi
Do The Manta Ray
Back To The Life

Check out the Spoon site to check up on their Fall appearances.
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Blogger Dave Sandell said...
Thanks for the tracks! Isolation is very cool. Some interesting stuff in their vaults.

Anonymous Goonteh said...

can we enter it more than once?

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
I guess I should make mention of this before, we start receiving more than one entry - you can only enter the contest ONCE. With the looks of how this thing is going anyway, you have a pretty good chance enough with just one entry lol...

Anonymous rd said...
Did I win yet?

Anonymous Starr said...
When is the drawing?

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Mmhrmm, yet another good question I ought to answer - the drawing is next Friday (Aug 11) with the prize being shipped hopefully the day after.

Anonymous Starr said...
I'm crossing my fingers!