[Bishop Allen - September]
Ah it's that (and if you're a gal, that other) time of the month again, if you're not familiar with Bishop Allen's plans for this year, it goes like this - Bishop Allen is a band from Brooklyn that took a nice hiatus shortly after their debut hit Charm School in order to write their (currently) label-less album Clementines. As that album strolls about for release, they're going to send out an EP every month for a year - yes, every month. By now Alina is pretty sick of me talking about Bishop Allen on a monthly basis (and perhaps you are too), but that's just what you're gonna get when a band decides to release something on that sort of schedule. The latest to be released from the group, being October, is September, and just from listening to Like Castanets, I can already tell it's going to be one of my favorites. Like Castanets was composed shortly after vocal Justin Rice returned from a trip to Chile. Now I've always assosciated Chile with this substitute teacher; she was from that very country, and she was always sure to inform us that it was not "Chili" but "Chee-leh." Well thanks to BA, I have something totally different to assosciate with that place - Justin Rice's trip to that South American strip of land, coffee and copihues. Complementing Rice's lyrics are the highly complimentary twangs of Spanish guitar and sleepy horn. Bishop Allen just knows how to put things together, and so all in all it can truly be said that these kids just know how to weave tales that produce images, smells and sounds. Be sure to check out their site for tour dates, the guys are planning a tour with The Starlight Mints late Fall.

From Bishop Allen's September EP (all songs are right click - save as)
Like Castanets

From July EP:
Click Click Click Click

From May EP:
Butterfly Nets

From February EP:
Queen of the Rummage Sale

You can pick up even more songs and buy these EPs at only $5 each at the BA site.
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Anonymous Milenka said...
I'm from Chile, Chee-leh.
And oh gosh I love BA, anda a few friends too.
We're gonna kill ourselfs.
And Chile doesn't have coffee haha, the weather is too cold, we just have wine, fruits and copper.
Meeeh, BA was here!!

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Heyo Milenka - Aha, Chee-leh indeed, it's interesting to know BA is popular there - did you check out Justin Rice's film at the festival that was there or what? Actually, has anyone here seen Mutual Appreciation? I'm interested to hear about it...