[Monkey Swallows The Universe]
Monkey Swallows The Universe is an acoustic group based out of Sheffield, UK that was established around 2004 by duo Nat Johnson and Kevin Gori. During these early days, Johnson and Gori shared vocals and acoustics, and as time pressed on, the band expanded to the quintet it is today. Despite the added hands, Monkey Swallows The Universe is still primarily an acoustic band. All together, the instruments played by the group are violin, cello, guitar and drums. Carrying pretty much nothing but strings, both vocal and instrumental, Monkey Swallows The Universe is just about as basic as you can get. With this bared down tunage, much of the focus can definitely be put on Nat Johnson's vocals, and carrying the lyrics like casual conversation, Johnson's vocals are both strong and assuring. Placed above the simple layering, Monkey Swallows The Universe has been likened to the sounds of Belle & Sebastian. The group's debut album, The Bright Carvings, was released February with a single following five months later. In early January, the fivesome will bumble about the UK with additional dates sporatically placed in February, March and April.

From Science (all songs are right click - save as):

From The Bright Carvings:
Martin (Live At The BBC)
Sheffield Shanty
Jimmy Down The Well

Check out their tour dates at the Monkey Swallows The Universe site.
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