[Los Campesinos! Sign To Wichita]

Now, being gone means that some of my news is gonna be rather old, but on the other hand, announcing what's old gives me reason to share the good music that's affiliated with it - so onwards I go to something that's a bit between pretentious and pop. Sounding more like a mariachi band than a rock group, Los Campesinos! circulated the blogs with good rapport around early fall. Unsigned at the time, many of us called for the labels to get a jump on this particular septet, and it seems that we've been heard. Los Campesinos! recently signed on with Wichita - a label affiliated, past and present, with names like Bloc Party, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! and Peter, Bjorn and John. Praised for their pop sweetness, I'm sure that most of us aren't really surprised by this quick pick-up. Originally starting as a trio, the Cardiff-based group eventually swelled into the septet we know now and utilizes everything from cowbells to the glockenspiel to make what is, quite frankly, perfect pop music. Planning ahead? Los Campesinos! already have some (UK) dates in March shortly after the planned release of their single.

From Los Campesinos! (all songs are right click - save as):
You! Me! Dancing!
It Started With A Mixx
Death To Los Campesinos!


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