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Musikkah Day Four
What is this Musikkah you spraken of? [Post]

Scandimania! remains to be one of my favorites, and one of the rare mixes I bother keeping as a playlist and continue to add on to. Looking back on it though, I forgot how it was a celebratory mix for my first job at IKEA. I no longer work there, and as fun as it was, those people knew how to put people to work. Oh younger Brad, how naive you were to think a job would be enjoyable...


Originally Posted 11.14.06

A few months ago I applied to a certain Swedish company some of you may know as IKEA. Well, I bagged a job and start next week, so to celebrate I thought I'd post a mix. This mix. The Scandimania! Mix. Oh Sweden & Company, for such a cold, cold region, what makes you heart so warm? Next to Australia, you're my next source of happy. In fact, if Australia cans euphoria, the Baltic region crates the essence of care-free. Chocked to the brim with unique sounds, Scandimania! just gives a quick taste of different artists from Europe's chilly cap. Enjoysen ya?

Scandimania! (artist name leads to site and all songs are right click - save as):
Acid House Kings - Do What You Wanna Do
Buckaneers - Cold Morning
I'm From Barcelona - Jenny
Jens Lekman - A Sweet Summer's Night On Hammerhill
Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You
Leopold - Johnny
Skuli Sverrison - Seria
Slaraffenland - Watch Out

Did I forget someone? Of course I did! Feel free to share your regional favorites...


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Wooo yeah! The scandimania has caught me!

Supersonic downloads on this mix too, for some reason...^_^

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
SKI - And it's not a bad thing to catch - glad you like like it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I absolutely love this mix

Anonymous stavros muchachos said...
keeping with swedish this was my track of december.... give it a whirl...

lykke li - little bit