As the days grow shorter and the temperature falls, we remember that snow (or really, really cold rain) isn't the only thing to descend down upon us. The time for Chrismahanukkwanzaavus has arrived, and in this merry month of giving, I've decided to initiate Musikkah! No matter if you decorate a tree, polish a menorah or dust off a Festivus pole, Musikkah is a celebration of music for all! Eight days of revitalized mixes - from Scandimania to Americanada - refreshed, reborn and reposted during the next three weeks. Happy Musikkah!

Musikkah Mixes (links will go active once posted):
Hue Talkin To Me?
Ebony & Ivory Keys
Fourth Vowel From The Left
Japanic! Attack!
Some Are Lovers, Some Are Friends


No Otherwheres For This Post Guys

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Anonymous David said...
I noticed you didn't list that techno and electronica mix you did quite a while ago, think you'll get to bringing that mix back sometime?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think I love you - thanks for all this...