[The Battle Royale]
"I never knew where you were from, but I loved you, loved you like I never loved anyone."

Both sans the cheese and otherwise known as "The Battle Quarter-Pounder" here in the States, The Battle Royale add on to the already spectacular roster of Afternoon Records. This playful quartet, based out of Minneapolis, is not all too far off in demeanor from the last band I featured, We All Have Hooks For Hands. Not entirely sure if I'm surprised by that, they share the same label. A label whose logo sports a big, Loco Roco-esque happy sun. Yes, my friends, The Battle Royale is more happy music - happy music with a great sense of uncertainty almost. The Battle Royale pull familiar aspects of their genre and place it all back in such a refreshing order. At any casual listen, it sounds like any other track, but I get this underlying feeling of how I felt when I first listened to this kind of stuff. It's familiar, playful, sweet - music you just want to be friends with...

Various Songs From The Battle Royale (all songs are right click - save as):
Oh Martha
Scream Scream

Learn more at the Battle Royale site.
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Anonymous LAUREN said...
a) excellent pulp fiction allusions

b)I bought the cd (sparkle dust fantasy) on itunes because I was like 'yes, I like these people okay' and I had free itunes money

c) now they may be my favorite band. at least for the moment, seeing as how it's all I've listened to since you posted this.

"I think we could make it through."

ps. recently whenever I type fantasy it ends up being "fantasty" which I think we should immediately start incorporating into the english language.


Anonymous Mitch said...
for reals, Im actually considering buying these guy now instead of waiting until i get home.

keep up the good work, because your friends at least appreciate it!

Anonymous Kevin said...
Haha great "Daft Punk news", I would say its more like those robots from those "It Came From Outer Space" movies from the 50s and such