Priscilla Ahn

Pretty roses for pretty Priscilla.

Ugh. A perfect versus post shattered because I came upon Priscilla Ahn after Meiko. Meiko vs. Priscilla Ahn. Both part-Asian, guitar-playing, pretty, poppy singers. Ah, that would've been so good. Check out my Meiko post here if you'd like a quick juxtaposition or lack thereof.

Well if Priscilla Ahn is good enough for anything, she's good enough for her own post, so here we go. A half-Korean (like me, except minus a half), Priscilla easily has one of the prettiest voices I've ever heard (prettier than Meiko's even). Honestly, her lyrics leave something to be desired if they're simply read, but her God-sent voice pulls depth and meaning from thin air into any verse uttered from her lips. Actually, instrumentally, other somethings can also be desired, but again, the focus is on the voice. That voice like syrup or a strawberry smoothie or any other sweet mellifluous substance.

Priscilla has toured with the Cary Brothers and Meiko (called it :)) and names Juana Molina and Andrew Bird as influences. She can be accurately compared to all four and is therefore a force worth mentioning and should therefore be listened to with much haste:

mp3 Dream
mp3 Lost
mp3 Rain

Upcoming Shows

Mar 24 8 PM The Fillmore @ Irving New York, NY
Mar 25 8 PM Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
Mar 26 8 PM State Theatre Ithaca, NY (Ithaca is Gorges)
Mar 27 8 PM Mr. Small's Theater Millvale, PA

"Dream" Live at the Bowery Ballroom

[Her Myspace]

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wanna know something even crazier? Priscilla lived with Meiko at one point a few years back!

I've seen both ladies live...

Both are VERY easy on the eyes...

Meiko's lyrics and between-song banter are FAR superior to Ms. Ahn's.

Priscilla's voice is silky-smooth and she's got some great guitar-playing skills, but that's really the extent of the talent there.

Did I mention that both are easy on the eyes?

Blogger tad said...
i have to disagree with anonymous on the talent statement -- she also plays the harmonica and makes outstanding use of the loop pedals, not unlike her listed influence andrew bird. but yes, both are very easy on the eyes. and yes, her voice is just, as you say, God-sent

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think that both artist are amazing. They are so different but both have beautiful voices. They both did really awesome interviews that people should check out.


Blogger Phenmetrazine said...
"I Don't Know" sounds so much like Morrissey & Marr it's absurd. Add them to her influences.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow. Seriously....

Meiko is good...

if you are a 12 year old girl. Her lyrics lack depth. And she's not very talented on the guitar. Don't get me wrong...I do not hate Meiko...just feel she's not comparable to Ahn.

Ahn, at first glance, seems pretty ordinary. But when you watch her perform and listen to her lyrics...

it's indescribable.

...And she can make beautiful music with just about anything.

And so what is Meiko's 'between-song banter' is more crowd pleasing. I came here for music. Not anything more.