Now, Now Every Children - Cars

Remember Now, Now Every Children? The band of four I posted on back in May? Well, now a band of two, Cacie Dalager and Bradley Hale dropped their debut full-length album Cars on the 9th, to the joy of Eisley and Paramore fans everywhere. Cars features the best from their two, previously released EPs, most notably "Not One, But Two" and "Everyone You Know," the first two tracks on the album. Also included are seven brand new releases which showcase the same child-like voice and trashy percussion that we've all come to know, love, and expect from the band.

Have they changed at all? Not, really. The three previous singles included in Cars were all rerecorded, but to be honest, I prefer the originals. Other than that, though, their new stuff is on the same wavelength as their old. My favorite new track would have to be "Sleep Though Summer," conveniently posted below for your listening pleasure. The unexpected chorus of voices presented through the verses poses as a pleasant surprise - Cacie's voice fits well with others. Even better is the beat, reminiscent of "Maps," which is one of my favorite songs of all time. "Little Brother" is also a favorite, with its melancholy, lullaby-like melody and sweet, nostalgic lyrics. "Little brother we're alright/just stay inside for now/but she'll stay in the photographs/the ones she had in white."

Although still a bit esoteric - what does "now, now every children" mean anyway - Now, Now Every Children delivers a sweet bit of post-teen angst indie rock, more legitimate than Paramore, less fruity than Mates of State, and a bit sadder than Eisley.

Sleep Though Summer
m4a In The City
m4a Little Brother